Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long time Been

Well been a long time since been here and figured was time for an update. I have been working on a few things over the summer keeping me and the kids busy, other than the kungfu classes for Chey and I, as well as the Boy Scouts for Nate.
Took a trip trip to California and back up. For a little over a week we went to the Oregon caves, expect to be very tired when you come out of there. lol On the upside of that it was worth the trip through the caves. We went to the Sea Lion caves as well. My 6 yr. old enjoyed it very much and wanted a seal as a pet. It was absolutely beautiful out there on the coast. We also took the hike up to the light house near by. Took some great pictures I may share later if I remember how to do so. lol In California we hit the coast and the Trees of Mystery, the scenery above on the trams was gorgeous. The entire trip we camped out and roasted the marshmallows over the campfire. Was a great trip together as a family.
Also had a birthday party to throw for my daughter, had family over for basically a picnic BBQ thing which was really fun, had my nieces for a bit, who I had a lot of fun with making crafts. On top of all that I also passed 13 tests through Penn Foster in 1 month. Wheeew, ok all that said, I am now going to try and keep update on this blog so it doesn't close down or just sit here collecting dust sitting in cyberland. Look for more Possible updates, photos etc. soon.