Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have, and why.

At first thought I thought what fears I don't think I have any fears, but the realized yes YES I do. Some may seem small to others and some may seem major. Some fear people may laugh at or agree with them. But fear is a fear no matter what it is.

1. Bee's, I am allergic to an extent. I am not allergic than most, but I do swell up quite a bit or as of the last bee sting I got I got an infection from it. Was told by Dr. with as much as I swell up I could have the air way closed off to my lungs. I swear the little buggewrs know this and hunt me down for that reason, doesn't matter if I/m not wearing flowery sweet smelling perfume or carrying the tastiest food they could go after. They follow you as if your prey and hide behind your head out of site waiting for that dive bomb attack. There stingers are small for a reason, they are made for targets, and boy do they land there mark. But first you get to do that crazy dance everyone driving by see's and wondering what the hell was in your Wheaties that morning. Cause she's definitely got something wrong with her!

2. Heights, now I am sooooo not sure where this came from. As a kid I used to walk across the domed shaped roof of the old saw mill in town, I climbed trees and sat out on roofs. But get me higher than our roof and I might as well be a shaky bag oh bones or think of Scooby Doo and Shaggy when they are scared, may not look it but that's how I'm shaking inside. Mind you I do test myself now and again and make that height (usually helping my husband with something, the things we do for love), but not without a lot of I'm gonna fall, my foots gonna slip, that's just to far up /down.

3.This fear is an on going fear but I test it every day I drive. I have a fear of driving. I got my license about 9-10 years ago. I was terrified of learning how to drive. Every car coming at us was going to hit us. It started when some kids who didn't pay attention and rammed into the back of a car I was in with my eldest baby girl as a somewhat newborn bouncing forward in her car seat and slamming back into here seat. She was completely belted in like she was supposed to be. But for a first time new mom at 16 it terrified the hell out of me seeing that. I would sometimes get behind a wheel and start crying just starting up the car. Then it went to my husband taking me on back roads with little traffic so I wouldn't freak out with cars coming at me and even then I pulled the car over to the side of the road to avoid them. I can look back on the fear and laugh at myself, but I still think those things. I may not pull over to the side of the road on a two lane but I slow down just to make sure. It's fear that I think will stick around for a long time. The only bonus it makes me more cautious than some. Considering the only time I have gotten pulled over was when a temp license in window fell out and my husband had the shoulder strap behind him, I joke about this with him a lot because he always says I drive to fast but yet i go the speed limit or the legal 5 above and have had many cops pass me and not one pull me over, but who has gotten pulled over or into accidents, you guessed it he has. Minor ones thankfully, fender bender types of things, most not even his fault. lol.

And that concludes my fears.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20 things my kids should know about me....

My friend Tammy has started this on her own blog and has been pestering me (joke) about doing my own. She is actually quite an awesome friend and I can't think of a better friend to have. I at first didn't want to post anything because my honesty may upset some of those who don't want to hear the truth or what I think or believe, but right now I am choosing to do as I please and get out of my comfort zone (even if anything I might say may upset others). So here goes...

20 Random facts about myself...
1. I never noticed but i tend to butter, mayonnaise, tuna, egg salad etc. to every edge of the bread. No idea   why, my husband had actually pointed it out I didn't believe him til one day I happened to catch myself doing so. I guess maybe its lopsided with out every edge covered or perhaps its like art you got to paint the whole thing to make it look good. Who knows... maybe someone has a better guess than I do. 

2. I talk backwards (as my husband calls it). I know what I want to say, but yet it comes out being a either or question or answer. My husband says he has to stop and think before he replies or jumps to conclusion if I am being rude. Which I totally am not. I have always been a backwards person, but hey it keeps people on there toes and makes me a bit different than others. And it definitely keeps things interesting.

3. I hate crumpled up paper anything. I cringe every time I have to pick up something some one has scrunched and balled up. I feel it has hidden germs, bugs and other weird things that's gonna come out and crawl all over me. Just thinking about it makes me cringe and send chills up my spine. If I can I will have someone else do the dirty job of picking it up. Which is odd cause i have no problems cleaning out a dirty trash can, dog/human/cat vomit or a dirty toilet...go figure.

4. Loogies aaaaggghhhhh the only thing that wants me to hurl the cookies. I can handle anything from blood, cleaning vomit, to what they hell is in your sink pipes, and your not sure what that is but you touch it anyway. But a person in front of me doing that hacking  gotta get as much of it as I can so I can spit it out, yeah even if i hear it you better watch for those cookies hitting your toes or running your direction. And Nate if you read this and decide your willing to test that theory I will aim for you! That goes for my brother as well, cause I know how he likes to pick on me.

5. Ok 20 random facts are really hard to come up with and I am only on number 5? I'm already sweaty and blowing my bangs out of my face trying to figure out the next 15. This is really a lot to think about and  almost as bad as taking a math test. You just blank! Which is what I do exactly to all math, my brain just shuts down and says UH UH NO WAY, your not gonna know this answer ever! MWAAAAHAAHAHA

6. I always read when I go to bed, my husband asks " When am I going to fall asleep?". I tell him oh I always fall asleep reading. Well in some ways that's true, it just usually happens around 3-4 a.m. He knows this I know this but it's always just that one more I can't stop reading it's to good of a story. I read while cooking. I have my tablet propped against the microwave above the stove so I don't miss that extra excitement of the book. But the BONUS is I don't burn my food, and it still comes out edible.

7. Flat soda, I tend to forget to put the lid back on my soda and leave it open to the wonderful air to pull all its wonderful fizzy bubbles out of it to taste like dirt, well maybe not dirt but you really can't explain away the taste of a flat soda, it's just plain nasty. Only problem is I keep drinking it. "WHY?" you ask well, my wonderful husband that he is see's it and puts the lid back on for me so i don't realize its flat. Now I'm trying to get him to stop doing that so I don't taste the horrible flatness of syrupy soda, unless he does it on purpose to get that extra laugh out of  the messed up face I get when I take that first sip. Now I know the real reason he puts the lid back on. lol

8. I will never win the softest foot award! I am a person who enjoys no shoes, shoes kill!,They are nothing but a pain entrapment of torture derived to only make your life miserable. I only wear them when I have to, forget high heels I would break my neck first chance I got. I'm tall enough I don't need long legs or more height. they make perfectly good flat shoes and dress shoes and boots that are just as nice and fancy. So no worries about the closet full of shoes as you won't find that many in my house.

9. I worry every second that something may have happened to my kids whether there out on there own or just hanging with a friend. Every time I hear that dreaded siren go by I want to call and make sure your OK. I don't even though I have that very strong urge to do so. I am very protective and drive you nuts already and don't think you need me to call every time I hear that siren, cause then i would drive you even more crazy and make you turn off your phone then it would be never ending worry. So be lucky I talk myself out of it!

10. I love water, place me any where near a lake, stream, river, or an ocean and I will be the calmest person you know. Water soothes me, the smell the feel, everything about it is like that little bit of fairy dust that makes peter pan fly with so much enjoyment. If only we all had that feeling every day, we would be much happier people.

11.  You remember me tucking you in at night, reading you stories and giving you a hug and kiss goodnight before you fell asleep, well guess what it didn't stop when you were young. I will still give you that hug every night even if your are 16,17,18, 23, 32 etc. As long as your in my home you get to know how much I love and care for you, but secretly wish I could give you a hug every night even when your not here.  But the real secret is every night before I go to bed I come in and check on you, cover you up and kiss your forehead and say sweet dreams. Some day soon you will be out on your own, and I don't want to miss any chance I have with you, even if its oooh gross or MOOOOMMM!

12. Ok by this time I am preying to who knows what to give me the idea for the next random fact, cause everyone I come to I am in DUH mode. I do that a lot. I can totally space everything and blank. I even have to laugh at myself as I do it way to often, sometimes in the middle of something I am saying. I lost myself and the traffic jammed up and movement ceases to exist.

13. I am very OCD about cleaning my house and organizing shelves. I can't even stand the remote on the coffee table, it has to be out of site next to the T.V, my kitchen cabinets have all boxed, canned, jarred etc, food in order. Not alphabetically just peas with peas, corn with corn and cream corn with cream corn etc. Living in small space while trying to build a house is driving me crazy cause no matter how much you clean 1 thing out of place makes the entire room look a mess. BUT I don't have a problem with anyone else's house just mine. I could walk into a tornado and not even care.

14. I love to craft whether its wood crafts (which is something my husbands dad taught me to do.) which I enjoy to the fullest or other different types of crafting, the skies the limit. I keep saying I should sell stuff I create, but I can't help but give things away. I love the looks of surprise and smiles on others when I do. Some people don't get random gifts or have that many people who care for them. When you put a smile on someones face it makes there day a little brighter and sometimes has the effect of  pay it forward. There's never a time you can't make someone smile or hold a door or give a gift. Even if it's anonymous.  

15. I write poetry and am told very well. I don't share it with many people. As a matter of fact my husband is the only one who knows I write them. Well till tonight when I read some of them to my best friend who I trust completely. She was surprised to hear them and liked them and was shocked since we have know each other for a few years. I don't share them due to a full binder (one of the thick ones) of my poetry being stolen. Why, I have no idea unless they were laying claim to them as there own work. 

16. I wrote a Halloween story about a little lost pumpkin and all his friends, but I can't seem to make myself write the ending. Partly I don't want to see it end, and the other comes back to the poetry being stolen. My kids and others I have read it to (the part I do have written) have there complete and full attention on the story, and ask why it just stops. Maybe one day I will finish it...but my writing for me is sacred. Its my hopes, my dreams and personal for me. When someone takes what you have written it's like taking a piece of you with it.

17. I don't mind getting my hands dirty, I can be right out there with you helping on a car getting all greasy and oily (Ok, keep it clean everyone!) if you let me, I will dig in the dirt and not care about the gunk under my nails. I love the squishy feeling of raw meat (hamburger) between my fingers, its weird it's cool, it's slimy. And if I can gross out my kids by making them help soooo much the better. hahahahaha (evilly) We also play what we call apple ball every year, with the apples that fall to the ground. The softer the better as the explosion of bits and pieces and juices go flying. On more than one occasion (mostly more) you have to take a shower after playing.

18. Wow 3 to go I think I have run out, my mind is a boggle full of jumble. Shheeesshhh this is difficult. I like to go to thrift stores with your dad and yard sales and see what cool and random things we can find. We have done this since we got together 17 years ago. Sometimes we find nothing, sometimes we find things that make us cringe and wonder what were people thinking, and other times we get lucky and find something we like.

19. Riding on the back of your dads motorcycle is the best free time I get with him. I am wrapped around him with love in my heart, its like flying for me since I can't stand to be off the ground to far. He will randomly put his hand on mine to make sure I am ok or that my hands are warm while riding, even on a chilly day he will spread his arms out a little further to catch most of the wind to keep it from hitting me. The closeness and time together is something we cherish and enjoy together. Most of the time we ride somewhere quiet and without people and just relax and look at the scenery while cuddling and chatting about many different things.These are the moments I enjoy most with him.

And finally down to 20 whew 

20. Wrapping your gifts, and watching you try to find them for the whole month til x-mas is hilarious especially when there directly under your nose and you walk by them every day and don't even know it. It's so much fun to see the little treasure hunt you go on just to shake those boxes and guess what you might have got. Like the guitar we got Kay and broke a mayonnaise jar into a smaller box and stuck it inside the bigger box with the guitar, so it would throw her off. Or the many different things into one box to keep you guessing and have that quizzical look on your face. I will always be smarter than you when it comes to hiding and making you guess to make sure your powers of  "I know what it is!"  doesn't exist. lol No matter how many times you try and get me to tell you, which is about a dozen or more times a day all of my kids ask me. You can not wait, it kills all three of you to wait til that special Christmas morning, or birthday. I don't know where you got your very "I can't waaaiiiiiittttt!" , cause it definitely wasn't from your father or I. Although the hunt every year and the guessing games is always  great entertainment and almost a tradition with our family. One I and your father enjoy every year.

Well finally we come to the end of the 20 facts. Phew didn't think it was ever going to end, and glad none of the other question ask you to name that many. lol Will try to post one every day.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

 Photo is of my son putting a flag down next to a headstone of a fallen veteran.

Ok so my son and his troop were at the Cemetery Friday putting down flags for all those who served in the service or were veterans buried there. I decided to take some photos while I waited for him to get done. Got quite a few photos but these are the only few I have that I was able to take after they put flags down. As I was way ahead of them. My husband is a veteran of Desert Storm and I think there are many who should be honored for there service who don't get the recognition they deserve. So salutes and hats off to those of you out there. I took all the photos in black and white.
Well I think I may have lost my mind. I had actually forgotten what my blog was called and had to locate the link in my Facebook account. I can't blame a blonde moment though as I am only running on 1 hour of sleep for almost 48 hours now. Hate those nights you can't sleep and toss and turn no matter what you do, then your only home for 2 hours before dinner and bed, exhausted I would begin to use. Only up late tonight as trying to help my son get his stuff ready for a camping/hiking trip for the weekend as the weather changed from warm weather to snow. I will be posting again soon. Most likely in the A.M or early afternoon. have some photos to share with all of you that i took yesterday, at a very nice cemetery where veterans and those who served resting in peace, had flags placed next to there head stones. Ranging from the revolutionary and on. Unfortunately some of the very old stones were buried under growth of weeds and hard to find so didn't actually get to see the oldest one. There is so much history behind all those soldiers that none of us know about, and I am sure every one of them could have told a story worth listening to.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Since it is a little after 2 a.m. I am headed to bed and hopefully will post more on here tomorrow. Night everyone.

ok forgot about this one. this was just a side craft from everything thing else. My daughter wanted to make something for her Aunt Donna. We knew she liked Chickens, so we went hunting for and image of a chicken and all i could fins at the store was material with a lot of farm animals on it, which worked out better than i thought it would. We just glue sticked the the Popsicle sticks together. Then used a 1in. whole punch on card stock and mod podge the chicken to it. Then usedthe jewels from a scrap sticker set for the tips and a glitter paint (not glitter gel or pens), it dries much faster and looks great on projects.She did a lot of the painting and glitter, turned out better than i thought it would as we were just winging it. lol

Well Hello everyone! been awhile I know, said was gonna post sooner, but I am a bit of a slacker when it comes to my blog. Out of site out of mind kind of thing, and life gets going and things and time just speed by quickly. Anyways, I did a lot of creating before Christmas which tied up a lot of my time. Made a lot of toilet paper roll ornaments/ flowers which turned out rather nice, and bubble rock magnets. Both were rather easy, the flowers was mostly very slow on the time painting and drying. The rocks was mostly waiting for the glue to dry. But I made a lot of them. I gave them as gifts and kept a few for myself. Will share some photos once I remember my account info for photo sharing site. lol Been to long since been there and have no clue as to where I wrote the info down. I am sure I am not the only one who has done that. lol So look for photos in a few days. hugs to all and have a great night and a beautiful morning/day!!