Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have, and why.

At first thought I thought what fears I don't think I have any fears, but the realized yes YES I do. Some may seem small to others and some may seem major. Some fear people may laugh at or agree with them. But fear is a fear no matter what it is.

1. Bee's, I am allergic to an extent. I am not allergic than most, but I do swell up quite a bit or as of the last bee sting I got I got an infection from it. Was told by Dr. with as much as I swell up I could have the air way closed off to my lungs. I swear the little buggewrs know this and hunt me down for that reason, doesn't matter if I/m not wearing flowery sweet smelling perfume or carrying the tastiest food they could go after. They follow you as if your prey and hide behind your head out of site waiting for that dive bomb attack. There stingers are small for a reason, they are made for targets, and boy do they land there mark. But first you get to do that crazy dance everyone driving by see's and wondering what the hell was in your Wheaties that morning. Cause she's definitely got something wrong with her!

2. Heights, now I am sooooo not sure where this came from. As a kid I used to walk across the domed shaped roof of the old saw mill in town, I climbed trees and sat out on roofs. But get me higher than our roof and I might as well be a shaky bag oh bones or think of Scooby Doo and Shaggy when they are scared, may not look it but that's how I'm shaking inside. Mind you I do test myself now and again and make that height (usually helping my husband with something, the things we do for love), but not without a lot of I'm gonna fall, my foots gonna slip, that's just to far up /down.

3.This fear is an on going fear but I test it every day I drive. I have a fear of driving. I got my license about 9-10 years ago. I was terrified of learning how to drive. Every car coming at us was going to hit us. It started when some kids who didn't pay attention and rammed into the back of a car I was in with my eldest baby girl as a somewhat newborn bouncing forward in her car seat and slamming back into here seat. She was completely belted in like she was supposed to be. But for a first time new mom at 16 it terrified the hell out of me seeing that. I would sometimes get behind a wheel and start crying just starting up the car. Then it went to my husband taking me on back roads with little traffic so I wouldn't freak out with cars coming at me and even then I pulled the car over to the side of the road to avoid them. I can look back on the fear and laugh at myself, but I still think those things. I may not pull over to the side of the road on a two lane but I slow down just to make sure. It's fear that I think will stick around for a long time. The only bonus it makes me more cautious than some. Considering the only time I have gotten pulled over was when a temp license in window fell out and my husband had the shoulder strap behind him, I joke about this with him a lot because he always says I drive to fast but yet i go the speed limit or the legal 5 above and have had many cops pass me and not one pull me over, but who has gotten pulled over or into accidents, you guessed it he has. Minor ones thankfully, fender bender types of things, most not even his fault. lol.

And that concludes my fears.

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