Saturday, May 26, 2012

Well I think I may have lost my mind. I had actually forgotten what my blog was called and had to locate the link in my Facebook account. I can't blame a blonde moment though as I am only running on 1 hour of sleep for almost 48 hours now. Hate those nights you can't sleep and toss and turn no matter what you do, then your only home for 2 hours before dinner and bed, exhausted I would begin to use. Only up late tonight as trying to help my son get his stuff ready for a camping/hiking trip for the weekend as the weather changed from warm weather to snow. I will be posting again soon. Most likely in the A.M or early afternoon. have some photos to share with all of you that i took yesterday, at a very nice cemetery where veterans and those who served resting in peace, had flags placed next to there head stones. Ranging from the revolutionary and on. Unfortunately some of the very old stones were buried under growth of weeds and hard to find so didn't actually get to see the oldest one. There is so much history behind all those soldiers that none of us know about, and I am sure every one of them could have told a story worth listening to.

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